Dark Apotheosis


23.10.2017 Appeared on 

RockDestroyer Fanzine

05.03.2017 Interview with 

Deathdream Fanzine


As for our first interview, could you come back to the beginnings of dark apotheosis? Can you introduce us to your group? How would you define your music?

Hello and thank you for interviewing us! Our group at the moment consists of only two members - Vocals: Killing Machine and Guitars: AridR. We are also currently looking for new members since we need them to carry our equipment to the stage and we need to loan money from them for recording since we are broke. Our music is a combination of tunes inspired by elegant singing of birds, soothing sounds of nature and noise produced by hitting homeless people in the underground train station. We are also a death metal band.


When and how did you become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?

Killing Machines interest in music bloomed when his grandma got a stroke and as she was twitching and screeching on the floor, Killing Machine just went with the flow and started headbanging. As for ArdiR, he was amazed by that one part in that one song of that one composer that goes like dun…dun…dun…dun…dun, dun, dun, dun.


What makes this kind of music "good" to you?

Mostly the diversity. It has to do with the variety of lyrical themes in metal and a wide spectrum of different melody forms, song construction and a really unique song writing process. Concretely in death metal, the music may vary from melancholic sound and slow-paced songs about, for example, nature, self struggles, to brutal tunes of fast-paced tracks about murder, torture etc. We can always find a death metal song to fit our current mood. Also it’s not for posers.


When did you base your group?

Somewhere in 2012 when we were stupid kids we said: “Hey lets form a band and own a black market of human slaves”. We managed to do one of those two.


When did you record this album? Under what conditions? Alone or with help?

Ah, it was a summer of 2016 and our struggles have only just begun. We are quite broke so we couldn’t afford professional studio or equipment. We had to settle for another solution. But since we also didn’t know anything about recording and we were too lazy to learn, we were forced to find someone who would do just that for cheap money. Tough luck, we found no one. That’s when we decided to take the first producer we find and threaten him with an axe until he agrees to record us for free. First 6 producers were stubborn, so we had to kill them. Finally, the 7th one agreed to do it…we still killed him afterwards.


How long did it take?

Even though it says on our YouTube channel that we recorded the full demo in just 15 minutes, we must come clear in this interview…we lied. It is not possible to record a 25-minute demo with 5 songs in just 15 minutes. We did it in 16.


What are the themes of your songs?

We sing about math, dolphins, force-feeding of ducks and repairing of broken sinks…not really, we just go full: “I’ll kill you, then I’ll rape your corpse and piss on it and eat it.” Well...not just that either…I mean mostly yes in Hate Capacitor. But our lyrical themes go far beyond that. We’ve created a fictional universe where the main characters are representatives of the most iconic themes in extreme metal. We have Killing Machine, an immortal murdering insane person, ArdiR, a powerful Viking demigod, Invictus, a sinister servant of Satan and Ygg’reggetoth, an ancient being and a spawn of the old ones. Also, each band member takes the role of one of those…besides the bassist…because…he is the bassist. We are also kinda funny and satirical.


Have you ever played these songs live?

Yes, we’ve played on Killing Machines birthday at his Home. 15-20 people were forced to watch.


What is your reference album?

Oscillating Fan Sound the album.


What are your musical influences?

Concretely for Hate Capacitor we went for a fast paced songs, but melodic sound. Some musical influence came from Amon Amarth, Kalmah, Dawn of Disease and even Bloodbath.


Your first musical hero?

Honestly, we don't have our idols/heroes because we feel that if we had everything that we do would be a mediocre version of their work. We like to think that we are really creative special snowflakes.


Your first hard rock / metal record?

Hate Capacitor is our only record, so it means it is our first as well.