Dark Apotheosis



Short bio:

Dark Apotheosis is a death metal band and also an awesome spell in World Of Warcraft that does not exist anymore, but they are mostly a band.

Fun bio:

Behold! We are a super mightyful band/cult/legion/religion/mmo with the same first part of the name as every other extreme metal band. We call ourselves Dark Apotheosis and we are a group of three mighty mythological beings, one insane person and a guy who can play bass. Actually...ugh...we are currently just two people...Killing Machine, an immortal angry type and ArdiR, a powerful Viking demigod! But now we search for those who are willing to take the burden upon themselves and become: Invictus, a sinister servant of hell, Ygg’reggetoth, an ancient being and a spawn of the old ones, and finally a dude who knows how to hit four strings. Soon the force will be ensembled and the raid can begin...

Boring bio:

So...ugh...we are a concept band and we tell our story throughout our albums. Everything is connected, one big story, it should be pretty cool...I mean it is pretty cool already with our latest release Hate Capacitor being an intro...so...go listen to that and if you wanna know the rest of our fun bio you should read the lyrics.

"I would give up my magnificent neck for only one day of being as brutal as Killing Machine" - Corpsegrinder

Killing Machine

Position: Vocals
Symbol on the logo: Knife

Killing Machine is an immortal murdering insane person. He is often very angry and stuff...quite brutal too...and very death metal. Therefore, it is not advisable to be near him, since he probably hates you. He enjoys torture, mutilation and rape...not on himself but upon others...obviously. His weapon of choice is a knife but he is quite flexible and creative when killing someone and his tools may vary from crowbars/chainsaws to hands/rocks. He particularly hates children.

Currently revealed story about Killing Machine:
Inside of Killing Machines head lies a device called Hate Capacitor. It holds great power which will be unleased when the hate capacity hits its maximum. At the end of the album "Hate Capacitor", Killing Machine succeeds in reaching maximum hate capacity. Now the being of pure hate is ready to be released, but Killing Machine chooses to wait for the right moment...


Position: Lead Guitar
Symbol on the logo: Axe

ArdiR is a powerful Viking demigod. With a mighty axe as his best friend and the winds of north at his side, ArdiR stands for tradition and honor. He enjoys drinking beer, battling bears and raping Christian women while on the raid. Some even say that he is a descendent of none other than Thor himself. He holds that thought with pride as he slaughters Christian men while on the raid. He also likes to burn all the houses and raid the churches while on the raid. He really likes to kill Christians...and to raid.

Currently revealed story about ArdiR:
No story is revealed yet! Wait for future releases...


Position: Rhythm Guitar
Symbol on the logo: Horns

Invictus is a sinister servant of Satan, holding charge of an important portion of Hell. Looks all demonly and stuff...with horns and wings and hooves and has two green warglaives in each hand...oh wait, no, that’s Illidan...ok so no warglaives...But that’s only how he looks in Hell, on earth his form changes and he becomes more humanlike...with ugh...corpsepaint. He has tortured and sodomized dozens, enjoys tormenting souls and has a great collection of yugioh cards.

Currently revealed story about Invictus:
No story is revealed yet! Wait for future releases...


Position: Drums
Symbol on the logo: Tentacle

Ygg’reggetoth is an ancient being and a spawn of the old ones. He is found...located...uhm...he is...there...no, here...no...ugh...ugh...ugh’iin gahh’ra an-hu-di haft’sih aonargg j’ran geb h to’her vlom dah sor Ygg’reggetoth ooboshu shugg r’ran r’luh nw nnn-lw’nafh hrii ab’tonk asvug g rn leh’rrr hai fm’lathg, fm’lathg a nar c athg ebumna roh fm’lathg mnahn’ hrii mnahn’ gof’nn Ygg’reggetoth hupadgh n’gfth hupadgh lw’nafh ori’beh han deh gibb’ru dah’shu lathg’ro qwar...

Currently revealed story about Ygg'reggetoth:
No story is revealed yet! Wait for future releases...

Just some random bass player

A person who plays bass.

"We look up to ArdiR and hope that one day we will reach his level of Vikingness and have the honor of drinking from a horn with him." - Amon Amarth